5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in Boise

5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast in Boise
  1. Establish Your Top and Bottom Price – Knowing what you want to walk away with in cash is crucial to expediting your sale. Write down the number you wish for and the minimum you’ll accept. This will take the guesswork of “Is this enough?” when entertaining offers and ensures you know a good offer when you see one. 
  1. Time Your Market – Selling your house on market depends on the season. The traditional route rewards faster selling in the summer and slower selling in the winter. If your goal is speed to sell, either wait for the warmer time of year or choose a non-traditional route such as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) or working with professional cash-for-property buyers like us! 
  1. Curb Appeal – Cosmetic upgrades like exterior paint, siding repairs, landscaping, shutters, and windows; as well as roof and concrete repair will all make your property look better! The nicer your house looks when driving by, the more attractive it is to potential buyers. 
  1. Marketing – Decide how you want to sell your property. That includes FSBO listing services, finding a realtor, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or working with an agent. A fast sell depends on a concrete marketing plan to reach the most buyers – if you don’t market hard, you will NOT sell fast!
  1. Be Prepared To Sell – This may seem easy, but it can trip up people when they are about to cross the finish line. Have a conversation and decide that selling your property is the next step for you before you market it. If you list a property, get an offer, and then have second thoughts about selling, you will lose potential buyers and gain a reputation as someone not ready to sell which will crush your potential offers. Know what you want and be prepared to actually sell the house. 

These tips will help you sell your house fast in Boise and will prepare you for the process! Fill out our Property Questionnaire with questions and take your next step today!