3 Ways Your Property Could Lose Curb Appeal!

Struggling to sell your home?

Well, curb appeal might be the ingredient you’re missing. Curb appeal is just what it sounds like… it’s the perspective that prospective buyers get when driving by your house or viewing it from the curb. Good curb appeal helps potential buyers see themselves living in the property.

And just like first impressions, curb appeal is critical for garnering buyer attention and selling quickly for top dollar.

So… is YOUR curb appealing?

At Stepping Stone Houses, we’ve been helping people sell their homes in Boise and here are some of the most common mistakes that home-sellers make when it comes to curb appeal…

Car in The Driveway — Having a car in the driveway signals that someone is home. Most buyers prefer some privacy while perusing a property. It also makes it difficult for the prospective buyer to imagine it as being THEIR home… since someone else’s car is in the driveway.

Bad Paint Job — Obviously, a fresh coat of paint is a high priority to help make a good first impression. To buyers, peeling paint feels like a sign that the home hasn’t been taken care of properly.

Poorly Kept Lawn — The lawn is one of the keys to creating great curb appeal. A well-kept yard indicates that a property has been well-cared for and it also increases the overall desirability of the home.

If you’ve been having trouble selling a property, make sure your curb appeal is saying “Come Look!” and “Buy Me Now!”

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