When is the best time of year to sell your house?

When is the best time of year to sell your house? #Boise #idaho Stepping Stone Houses

When is the best time of year to sell your house?

Winter? Try again!
Summer? Yup, you got it!

Assuming that your house is in tip-top condition (fresh paint job, sparkly clean, great landscaping), then if you list your house during the summer, you won’t only sell your house faster, you’ll get more money for it.

As far back as we can track historical data, the price of homes naturally increases (because of demand) during the summer and naturally decreases during the winter by between 5% and 8%. Plus, if you sell in the winter, it’s going to take you longer to sell and you’re less likely to benefit from a bidding war between buyers.

List your house at just the right time (the best months are between May & July) and you could make an extra 8% profit.

Of course, this is assuming that your house is in great condition with lush landscaping, a fresh paint job, quartz countertops, new stainless steel appliances, etc… If your house isn’t in that condition or you just want to get the property off your hands on your timeline, fill out a form and we’ll make you a fair cash offer! We buy houses ANY time of year.

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